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Our History

Owner Terry Kiehnau has been in the automotive machining industry for over 35 years building high performance engines.  With over 75 years of combined experience, no one in Green Bay is better suited for rebuilding your automotive, marine, or diesel truck engine.

Our Equipment




Winona Van Norman CG-250 Crankshaft Grinder

Winona Van Norman CG-250 Crankshaft Grinder

Storm Vulcan 150B Crankshaft Welder

Storm Vulcan CSP-60 Crankshaft Straightening Press

Wet Method Fluorescent Magnaflux with Black Light


RM Sioux 2075 Valve Grinder

RMC 10 Surfacing Machine with CBN Tooling

Sunnen VGS Valve Guide and Seat Machine

AXE Cylinder Head Pressure Tester

Kwik Way Belt Sander


Sunnen LBB-1699 Power Stroke Hone

Sunnen CRG-750 Cap and Rod Grinder

Sunnen CRH-50 Connecting Rod Heater


Rottler F2MB Boring Bar

Rottler HP6A Power Stroke Honing Machine-Diamond Tooling

Tobin ARP TA-15 Line Bore Machine

Torque Plates for Autos and Harley Davidson Engines

Terry’s Engine Rebuilding

Crankshaft Specialist

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